Discipline > Motivation

Yep, I said it. Discipline is greater than motivation. Yes, I know motivation is the new trend. You can not go on a single social media site or Target store without being hit with beautiful quotes or feel good motivational words. Even I post motivational instagram post. Can’t lie it feels good. But guess what sis, feelings don’t get things done.

You know the cycle. You see the motivational quotes and pictures and dopamine hormones are released and you feel amazing. You run to the gym or start working on your goals. The high of motivation pushes you and boy it is amazing. Then it is day five.  Motivation has worn off. The high is gone. Now you realize the gym is too far or crowded. You don’t have time to finish your side hustle because Game of Thrones is starting in five minutes. Motivation is trash.

Discipline is what makes one get up and go. The gym is far and crowded but you have to lose this 20 pounds so you gas up the car and find your corner to do a quick round of HIIT. Or better yet you download the NIKE training app and complete a round of HIIT in your living room. Because you have no motivation or excuses but you do have a goal to reach…by any means necessary.

The job is stressful and stupid. You come home with no patience or motivation to start working on your side hustle or dream. Discipline reminds you that you have no choice. Your goal of owning your own business or creating generational wealth trumps how you feel.

It will be hard. Discipline is not as sexy as motivation. Actually developing discipline is ugly, annoying, and time-consuming. But once you push past the hard part, it becomes a way of life. Once you see the changes you will think, “why did I ever stop?”

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