99 problems making money isn’t one

With all the craziness happening in this country at this time, there is something that remains true through the test of time, there’s money to be made. America baby, home of the hustlers.

I will never forget my first trip to New York City. After I adjusted to the bright lights I was able to look around and really take in the magic before me. This city did not play about the hustle. On every corner there was someone doing something to generate cash. I, myself was hustled a few t imes, once by some kids in the mall. I didn’t care though because I was in freaking NYC baby, lol.

That opened my eyes to the  available possibilities. I am not really broke. I just have not found a way to get paid. If you think you’re broke, look around your house and see all the unnecessary items someone hustled you in to purchasing. Ill wait…..

You too are not really lacking in funds ma’am. You just haven’t found a way to generate more cash. If you are on social media getting likes you’re sitting on potential funds. Do you love to shop? You ma’am are wasting potential income opportunities. If you are on facebook writing over 25 characters in debates with other individuals you have not only wasted time but you are also wasting a gift.

2021 we are getting money honey. No excuses accepted. If you are on social media there are hundreds of groups with valuable information on how to brand and package your gift. I was looking through a site for someone to design my logo. I notice that there are people that for a price will be your letter/person of recommendation. Now the ethics behind it is whatever you want it to be. Yet, the fact that this is in fact a need and it has been filled, it gets no better.

Simple ideas that can generate cash…

1. Personal organizer. Put your OCD to work and help organize the lives of others.

2. Sell online. Etsy, Amazon and eBay being the most reputable sites. You can sell old clothes, textbooks, electronics. Stop letting money just sit around your house. Etsy is another site for the homemade creatives that generate a nice income with your gifts. Facebook marketplace has become my new favorite place to sell.

3. Transcribing. If you love to type, get paid for it. Listen to audio notes, transcribe, get paid.

4. Ebates-Secret Shopping-Coupons. If shopping is life be smart about it. Get money back for your time. The last craze is the app DOSH.

5. Teach English. There are many online programs for those with degrees that pay well for you to teach English online.

6. Ghost write. Something on your mind? Speak your truth. Many of your favorite blogs will pay for ghost writers.

7. Photography. If you think you’re hot on instagram, step your game up. Invest in a camera and show the world your skills. Did you know you can create and sell stock photos? Snap up pictures of that chair in the corner and get your money.

8. Write and sell Ebooks. Stop arguing with Susan in Idaho about why BLM and write a short ebook. Your words, research, and wit need not be wasted on trolls when the world could use your voice.

9. Babysit. If you love children but don’t like the maintenance required this is perfect. Get certified in CPR just to be on the safe side. But get paid to hold babies or watch Paw Patrol with toddlers all day. The good life!

10. Virtual Assistant/ Social Media Manager. This is the new and hot side hustle. If you are on the computer all day and you know how to get social media popping, why not get paid for it?

This is just a simple off the top of my head list. Anything you find yourself doing consistently, doing with pride, doing for free…STOP IT SIS and get paid 2021!!